Yea yea

So who actually pays attention in school

I don't but when I do,

I realize that's why they put us there.

Just to sit there.

You rarely learn anything new unless it's a class you actually like.

So instead of putting us in all these academic classes.

Why don't they put us in classes like,



Music in general,


Singing[real sining not talking],

Cosmetology[Cos Lord knows, some girls need to learn how to put on makeup and comb their hair]

Culenary arts,

And give us real English, Language Arts, and Foreign Language teachers.

Things that matter.

Not bothersome subjects like,


or History[if so make it intersting].

I mean really,

They wonder why kids find other things like drugs, and alcohol to busy themselves with.

We don't learn not to in school.

And we don't learn anything that actually will be applied in the real world.

But when you do get out there, you'll need to know whether or not you can hold your liquor.
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